Celestron AstroMaster 130 Collimation (Calibration)

I recently purchased the Celestron AstroMaster 130 telescope from an Amazon Warehouse deal. It's mirrors needed collimation(calibration), but otherwise seems like a great piece of kit. It's a Newtonian type telescope - if the mirrors are not properly aligned, or collimated which seems to be the technical term, the image can appear out of focus or distorted when looking through the lens.

The process of collimating the telescope is described in the manual that Celestron supplies, so this video is just a visual guide. The collimation happens by adjusting a set of screws on the front and rear mirrors, which will bring them into alignment. I can be a fiddly process, and I had some issues with the rear screws being very tight, but as someone pointed out in the YouTube comments, if you release the other screws on the rear first, the calibration screws should loosen up.

This is the telescope in question - https://www.celestron.com/products/astromaster-130eq-telescope - specifically I bought the Astromaster 130EQ-MD version, the MD means it comes with a motor that can do simply tracking of stars, by compensating for the Earth's rotation, I haven't tried that feature out yet, but it should come in handy for astrophotography, I hope.

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