CNC 3018 Pro Kit Unboxing and Build

So I got myself a new toy for my birthday - the CNC 3018 Pro - CNC engraver/router/milling machine. I consider it the next logical step ip from 3D printing, and will make a fun project for the home lab.

It comes with a low power spindle, Camtool CNC v3.3 control board which runs grbl, a power brick, standard NEMA stepper motors know from 3D printers, some cheap engraving bits, and a little control panel, which honestly doesn't seem very useful. The assembly/build was very simple, I assume a manual is available online or on the SD card that it comes with, but I managed to assemble it simply by looking at pictures of how the finished product is supposed to look like.

I'm planning a few upgrades for this in the future, obviously some better bits/endmills, I'm looking into adding WiFi, and maybe a more powerful spindle would be in order. I'm not sure how to control it yet, but Easel from Inventables - https://www.inventables.com/technologies/easel - seems like a decent simple option, I will be looking into that more in the future.

Here is the specific one that I bought - Upgrade CNC 3018 Pro Milling Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Vogvigo Wood Router Kit, GRBL Control DIY Mini CNC Machine, 3D Engraving Machine, 3 Axis Plastic Acrylic PCB PVC Milling with Offline Controller by Vogvigo - https://amzn.to/2FzRYcr

It's sold under various brands around the world, in the US it's probably best know as the SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router although the newest version is with a different control board, which appears to be compatible with Mach3 - https://amzn.to/2NlG6Pk

Music: Rounds by William Rosati

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